The Saint John Espresso Story


The two-hundred metres of footpath between Kate’s home and Saint John Espresso is well tread. She’s walked up and down that path thousands of times over the last decade.


Kate had been a regular at the cafe since 2003. She had a deep desire to breath some life back into it. So, in 2016 she bought Saint John Espresso. This decision was really driven by her two loves: local community and good food. Saint John Espresso was the perfect way to combine these passions.


There’s something special about a local cafe. There’s something distinctly Australian - perhaps even distinctly Sydney - about the idea of a local cafe. The one everyone knows serves the best coffee in town. The one where the barista knows your name. The one that feels like home. That’s the vision Kate had for Saint John Espresso, when she opened those doors in 2016.


That commitment to ‘local’, is what flavours Saint John Espresso. Ingredients are sourced from the local fruit and vegetable market, Galluzzo’s. Bread and croissants are sourced from local social enterprise bakery, The Bread and Butter Project. Kate’s as community minded as they come; donating prizes from Saint John Espresso to her local primary school trivia night every year. Who wouldn’t want a year’s worth of free coffee?


Ever noticed the constantly changing range of cakes in our front counter? ’When we opened in 2016’, explains Kate, ‘I wanted to try and bake a different cake every day, to give people a reason to keep coming back’. From baked ricotta cheesecake to gluten-free orange and almond cake, Kate’s daily baking ritual certainly keeps our community well fed. All cakes, slices and biscuits are made by Kate.


As a local business owner, Kate is passionate about seeing Glebe thrive. She loves this city, and this particular corner of the city. Saint John Espresso, over the years, has built not just a reputation - but a community. Pick any hour of the day at Saint John Espresso, and you can watch the community pass you by. From retirees who order eggs on toast every day of the week, to commuters stopping by for a skinny latte and a laugh with the locals. This loyal patronage is evidence of the quality of service Saint John Espresso offers.


People go where they know they’re be fed well, and cared for. The passionate team at Saint John Espresso offers exactly that experience, week in and week out. Fresh food from local ingredients. Great coffee and hospitality that feels like home.


The story of Kate, and Saint John Espresso, is far from over. We’re here for the long haul. With an ever growing and changing city around us, we count it a privilege to be part of our community. The truly local cafe will never not be needed. When you need a slice of homemade cake and a decent cuppa, we’ll be here.

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